How we work

Partnership approach

Metro partners with the International Parking Group (IPG). IPG is 100% focused on the design and development of car parking facilities at Australian hospitals. They operate by means of a public private partnership model – Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT). IPG has a unique knowledge of the business administration, financing, facility management and operations of car parking facilities.

Finance and construction

IPG has trusted methods to help design and construct your new hospital car park. 

  • Demand assessment model

    IPG is the largest developer of hospital car parks in Australia. Over its 23+ years of experience it has developed trusted methods to assess future parking demand associated with hospital and medical activity.

  • Design and construction

    Multi-level hospital car parks need to be designed to accommodate the parking requirements of doctors, executives, staff, and patients and visitors. The facility needs to be adequately built to safely manage traffic flows and current/medium term demand, with considerations for future expansion.

  • Financial model

    IPG has developed a detailed financial model in which patronage, tariffs, expenses, lifecycle maintenance, finance and tax assumptions are entered. The model solves the available cash-flow and enables IPG to offer an upfront pre-paid lease payment or a related “variation” model as may be required by the client.

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