Why Metro?

Our culture

As a service provider Metro understands that its success is built and sustained on the quality of its employees. The staff attrition rate is consistently lower than 5%. Our long term employees possess valuable knowledge and embody our single-minded proposition of providing excellent customer service to the hospital parking market. All customer complaints are processed in a uniform methodology thru to the State Manager.

24/7 Support

Metro has a 24/7 National Control Centre, fully equipped to provide the quickest resolution to any issues as they arise. Every Metro site is connected to the centre located in Sydney, with all car park equipment remotely managed via a virtual private network. Control centre staff communicate directly with patients, staff and car park visitors via intercom and CCTV – as and when required.

  • Safety

    Increased safety for patients, staff and car park visitors particularly after hours


    Cost efficient, increasing operating up time adding increased revenue


    Back-up to on-site car park attendants, there is always someone to communicate with

Delivering quality

We proactively deliver quality service levels and quality systems: OH&S AS – NZS 4801:2008 and ISO 9001:2015. Our business management system is externally audited and endorsed. Best practice safety procedures are followed, which brings lower insurance premiums and we follow 140+ written procedures and forms.

Simple integration

Metro provides full business unit budgeting, revenue reconciliation and financial management. We can implement automated Staff payroll deduction audits integrated to payroll; Tailor-made monthly reports (P&L, Balance Sheet and Variance Analysis) and expense management.


    Utilise the car park management system to manage any internal re-charges for free parking.


    Increased integrity through robust auditing of ticket management.


    National relationship with Armaguard. Reduced credit card transaction fees - leveraging Metro's national volume.

Relevant advice

Our experience from operating 20+ hospital car park campuses arms Metro with best practice methodology to mitigate demand, increase utilization, manage waiting lists, implement optimal stack parking procedure and implement car-sharing programs. We are familiar with the contending parking requirements and are able to advise hospital management how best to allocate parking to optimise both user satisfaction and revenue.

Powering parking

Equipment Providers

Metro has integrated its National Control Centre with a variety of leading car park equipment providers. Our commercial experience and relationships with leading providers enables us to leverage purchasing power to ensure our clients obtain the right equipment at the right price with optimal service levels.

  • Remove risk of implementing latest technologies (trialled and proven at Metro Sites)
  • Mobile phone car park access
  • On-line booking

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